Tech Giants Rally the Internet to Save Net Neutrality on July 12

Tech Giants Rally the Internet to Save Net Neutrality on July 12

"We will make it impossible for Chairman Pai to continue to cling to the sorts of alternative facts against net neutrality that we've proven to be wrong time and again".

The protest is expected and those determined to tear up the rules are readying for it - which makes it all the more important for the campaign defending net neutrality to come up with a different approach if it is to have the desired impact.

At stake are the government's net neutrality rules, which prohibit Internet providers from blocking or slowing websites or charging them special fees in order for their content to be displayed to consumers. Rolling back net neutrality would give those ISPs a direct competitive advantage over Netflix, Amazon Prime and other over-the-top (OTT) video services. Exact details for the day of action haven't yet been worked out, but its website promises participants all the tools they'll need to take action before the FCC's initial July 17 deadline for submitting public comments.

In 2012 Google, Wikipedia and some other organizations had taken a similar effort like this digital rally, where they protested against the federal legislation on Internet piracy.

"Net neutrality is vital to a healthy Internet", declared Denelle Dixon, Mozilla's chief legal and business officer, in a statement. They also forbid internet providers from selling faster service to some companies at a premium.

Gunshots at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
The state of emergency was introduced in France following the attacks in Paris in November 2015 which killed over 130 people. France is part of the US-led worldwide coalition fighting IS and has carried out air strikes against militants in Syria.

Basically, net neutrality means that internet users can't be charged more for access or have the quality of their online experience hampered based on the sites or services they're using, where they're from, and other discriminatory things like that. "The FCC's proposed rollback of the 2015 open internet rules threatens to impede that innovation and allow a handful of incumbent ISPs to determine winners and losers", he said.

"Small ISPs faced new regulatory burdens" under the net neutrality regulations, said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai during the agency's May open meeting. The FCC's commenting system was mysteriously spammed with thousands of identical anti-net neutrality messages last month, many of which used the real names and addresses of people whose information was apparently stolen in a data breach.

And Mark Stanley, communications director of Demand Progress, added: "The FCC's plan to dismantle net neutrality will unfairly pad the bottom lines of Comcast and the rest of Big Cable, while undermining the public's ability to freely communicate, organize, and innovate".

It's not clear what this year's protest will look like yet, but with some of the biggest corporations and civil rights groups coming together to fight this, prepare to see something noteworthy.

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