USA seeks joint effort to ensure Venezuela head ends violence

USA seeks joint effort to ensure Venezuela head ends violence

Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles said he was barred from leaving the country Thursday as he planned to address a United Nations session in NY about the country's escalating violence. President Maduro has reiterated that elections will be held on schedule in 2018, but the opposition has demanded his immediate removal, seeking foreign intervention in its destabilization campaign.

The ruling was later partially reversed amidinternational criticism, but it sparked a protest movement that has continued for almost two months and left more than 40 people dead. The state prosecution service said on Twitter the boy was killed "during a demonstration" there.

She said in a statement ahead of Wednesday's closed-door meeting that Venezuela is "on the verge of humanitarian crisis", with medicine unavailable, hospitals lacking supplies and people facing difficulty finding food.

"We've been down this road - with Syria, with North Korea, with South Sudan, with Burundi, with Burma", she told reporters.

Britain's U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said it is "absolutely right" that the OAS and the 33-nation Community of Latin American and Caribbean States are taking the lead, "but it is also right that the Security Council, charged as we are on the maintenance of security and peace. keep a very close eye on the situation".

You have some friends sometimes that want the best for you and they react to what they think is best.

The Florida Republican represents the state with the largest number of Venezuelans living in the United States, many of whom strongly oppose Maduro's socialist government.

The unrest has left 43 people dead since April 1, prosecutors say.

But Jose Colina, who founded and directs the Organization of Venezuelans in Exile, said the public humiliations are a form of "justice".

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Protesters are demanding early elections and accuse Maduro of trying to cling to power.

Critics of Maduro say it is an excuse for him to consolidate power and muzzle the opposition.

Haley said rather than waiting for the Venezuela situation to become so serious that there has to be a Security Council meeting, "Why not try and stop a problem before it starts?"

The government and the opposition have accused each other of sending armed groups to sow violence in the protests.

"It has been unbelievably poorly run for a long period of time, and hopefully that will change and they could use those assets for the good and to take care of their people", he said.

Currently, violent protests by the right wing calling for Maduro's ouster

Police have fired tear gas and protesters have hurled rocks and Molotov cocktails in near-daily clashes.

Local media said he was a medical student belonging to the so-called "Green Cross", a group of volunteer first-responders that is a fixture at opposition marches.