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Macron's Election Victory Is Only Half The Battle

Macron's Election Victory Is Only Half The Battle

The rejection of Le Pen, like the defeats of far-right candidates in the recent national elections in Austria and the Netherlands, gives hope that the audience for such hateful politics may not be as large as feared.

Half of his candidates for the 577 seats up for grabs in the two-round June 11-June 18 National Assembly election will be political newcomers, he has said.

Macron's party, previously known as a movement called simply En Marche, is preparing a list of candidates for next month's parliamentary election.

National Front leader Marine Le Pen addressing activists at the Espace Francois Mitterrand in Henin Beaumont, France, April 23, 2017. With this, France followed the footsteps of Dutch and discarded populism.

Sebastien Philippe GS, a French citizen, noted that Macron's decision to run outside the major political parties - Les R├ępublicains and Parti Socialiste - was very wise, as Macron understood these parties would not attract voters. Macron's win represents both a vote against "business as usual" and for fresh - but mainstream - blood, rather than the populist alternative.

"It's all well and good running on a ticket of cutting 120,000 public sector jobs, a 60-billion-euro cut in public spending and a lowering of the unemployment rate to 7.0 percent, it will be another getting it through the French parliament", said Michael Hewson, an economist at online trading platform CMC Markets. France remains in a state of emergency courtesy of terrorism, the economy is stagnant and the battle now is between the Macron "globalists" and the Le Pen "patriots".

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Macron's En Marche! party may be leading in the polls for the general election, but that doesn't mean it will win a majority. On Monday, key members of the centrist arm of The Republicans appeared ready to work with Macron despite the party hierarchy calling for unity to oppose the new president and calling those that were wavering "traitors". The centrist may need to compromise with the left or the right to form a government. "I want it to be a program that brings France into the 21st century. It's essential to liberate sectors of our economy, but at the same time to provide protections for all".

His detractors from the left and right see him as too connected to big finance and banking-he's a former investment banker-so he has his work cut out for him. "It is my responsibility to hear you".

"I will fight with all my strength against the divisions that are undermining us", he said. While Le Pen didn't extend her base enough to win, her National Front party did earn far more votes than it ever had before.

This past weekend Le Pen doubled her father's efforts, winning a respectable 34%. Le Pen's campaign advisers say the National Front is now the "primary opposition party in the country". With that in mind, before the dust had even settled from the election, Le Pen and the other leaders of her party were talking about revamping their image, including a new name which has not yet been determined.

Whatever Le Pen's defeat means for populism's long-term future, Macron's victory can not disguise the fact that France remains a deeply-riven society on a number of issues and those divisions are not going to go away anytime soon. "I will be at the head of this combat".

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