Taser sparks panic and stampede at overcrowded NY railway station

Taser sparks panic and stampede at overcrowded NY railway station

A scene of panic unfolded in New York City's Penn Station Friday after false reports of gunfire prompted a stampede that resulted in a number of injuries.

What began as long delays at Pennsylvania Station in NY turned into a nightmare on Friday after a false report of shots fired caused a stampede. Witnesses who got off a train as the panic began say they saw a "wave of screaming, falling people".

Rumors of an active shooter made their way to Macy's, where people were seen fleeing out of the front of the store after hearing a loud bang.

It was later released that two people in Penn Station had been taken into custody by Amtrak police for "disobeying orders".

Transport police for train company Amtrak tasered a man inside the station - with the noise sparking mass panic inside the station, reports suggest. NYPD Manhattan South Chief Bill Morris said at a press conference Friday night the Taser was "the likely source of the sound and the ensuing 911 calls". The New Jersey Transit train with about 1,200 passengers aboard was stuck in a Hudson River tunnel between NY and New Jersey for almost three hours.

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Commuters have been dealing with horrific delays for over a month, including cancelations and awful problems over the past few weeks in New Jersey and NY, but yesterday the scene was like a bad movie come to life.

Sixteen people were treated for non-life threatening injuries in a stampede out of Penn Station, according to the NYPD. In the meantime, trains coming through the north tube will be down to a single track.

Anna Renzi, 24, tells the New York Daily News she was waiting with her family for a delayed train to DC at Häagen-Dazs when crowds ran by. "This is the worst".

NJ Transit spokeswoman Nancy Snyder said the railroad was working with Amtrak to determine the cause of the problem. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.