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Missile prematurely explodes as Kim continues conducting ballistic tests

Missile prematurely explodes as Kim continues conducting ballistic tests

The launch comes as the US envoy for North Korea nuclear program, Joseph Yun, met his South Korean counterpart in Seoul to discuss a response to the North's weapons programs.

Reporters working in the press room of South Korea's defense ministry in the Yongsan area rushed to contact military officials to verify Kyodo's report, to no avail. North Korea fired four missiles this month that reached as far as Japan's exclusive economic zone. The missiles, which were launched from the Dongchang-ri long-range missile site in North Pyongan Province, flew about 620 miles before hitting the Sea of Japan.

On Wednesday morning, the North fired a missile from the eastern coastal town of Wonsan, but the launch was believed to have ended in failure, Seoul's Defence Ministry said.

A recent test of a new missile system has suffered an explosive failure just seconds after liftoff, according to USA officials.

North Korea began this year's launches by firing an intermediate-range Pukguksong-2 ballistic missile in February, drawing a joint rebuke from Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who were meeting in Florida.

"It is because of these hostile activities on the part of the United States and South Korea", Choe Myong-nam, deputy ambassador at the DPRK (North Korean) mission to the United Nations in Geneva, told Reuters on Tuesday. The failed explosion Wednesday undermines the latest comments from a North Korean government official Tuesday that the country was ready to counter any attack by the USA or South Korea with "every possible means".

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Asked to comment on Choe's remarks, a U.S. State Department spokeswoman, Anna Richey-Allen, called on North Korea "to refrain from provocative actions and inflammatory rhetoric.and to make the strategic choice to fulfill its worldwide obligations and commitments and return to serious talks". If confirmed, it would be the third round of missile tests by North Korea this year, as it seeks to develop the capability to deliver a nuclear weapon to the defiance of United Nations sanctions.

The statement came after Japan's Kyodo news service, citing an unidentified government source, said the North might have launched several missiles and that they were a failure. It is unclear what type of missile was tested Wednesday.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un suffered stage fright when a missile exploded just seconds after launching during the latest missile test.

China did take action against the North earlier this year.

Specific intelligence indicators now show that North Korea is ready for its sixth underground nuclear test at any time, two U.S. officials told CNN on Friday. The successful test is also important because it occurred while Rex Tillerson is in China talking about issues like North Korea.