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Iceland's Pirate Party Is Polling In First Place Ahead Of Elections

Iceland's Pirate Party Is Polling In First Place Ahead Of Elections

A Pirate Party-inspired coalition government has a chance of winning a majority of seats in Iceland's parliament Alþingi. That puts the party just slightly head of its closest rival, the Independent Party, which now governs in a coalition with the Progressive Party. And data from Iceland's Inland Revenue show that 20 percent of the country's net wealth was held by the richest one percent in 2015, and just under 12 percent belonged to the top 0.1 percent. These elections were called after the Prime Minister, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, then-chairman of the Progressive Party, was forced to resign by huge crowds enraged at his family's involvement in offshore tax havens as revealed in the Panama Papers leak in April 2016.

If the Pirates do get enough support to take control, it intends to implement policies in support of privacy and the right to online anonymity. Other parties do not get sufficient support to be represented in parliament, but for that, 5 percent of votes is needed.According to the poll, the combined support for the four opposition parties, which have been engaged in neg... "We do have a rise in political party membership in the United Kingdom, particularly in the Labour Party, but this has not meant that the general public feels more connected to the way the country is run".

All in all, we're looking at an extremely close race and an exciting, and long, election night in Iceland.

A new poll suggests that the Pirate Party will win. The four leaders made clear they are willing to form a coalition government. With 1.7% of the votes, the party lost its seats in the assembly. "They are changing so much each week".

The Party and its motley group of of anarchists, libertarians and internet activists is led by Birgitta Jonsdottir.

"Although the economy has recovered well since 2008, there's still a lot of disbelief in politicians in Iceland, which makes it harder to say how things will turn out", Bergmann told Bloomberg.

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Snowdens of the world rejoice, the Pirate Party is coming. "What happens with it if, and once, it becomes part of the system is another story", she added. "The Pirates are riding on that wave".

Other recent polls show a similar pattern, with some giving the Independence Party a bigger lead. "What we see from them is a frustration about how they have been left out of this mass global development".

Even though all party-groups from right to left have Europe-wide associations, the Pirates might have the highest interconnectedness thanks to their focus on digital communications and social media.

The Pirates have pledged to revive a five-year-old draft Constitution which had popular support for elements such as nationalising natural resources, enlarging nature reserves and petition-driven referenda. Health, welfare and education are core topics on which the Icelandic people will be basing their vote on Saturday.

The Pirate Party, founded in 2012, is top of the polls on course to form the next government.

Fontaine said today: "This time around, we have a party dominating the polls that is touting itself as a genuine alternative to the old order, and the worldwide press has been quick to run with this narrative".

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