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Clinton campaigns in Kentucky before Tuesday's primary

Clinton campaigns in Kentucky before Tuesday's primary

Knight has spent hours in Sanders' Bowling Green campaign office, calling Kentucky voters ahead of next week's election. Of the 16 regular delegates, 13 are committed to Bernie Sanders; the remaining three are pledged to Hillary Clinton.

Whether Hillary Clinton or Sanders will visit New Mexico to campaign before the state's June 7 primary remains to be seen.

The Nevada Democratic Party sends more than 12 delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Sanders encouraged voters to participate in Tuesday's primary, to be part of a "political revolution" that he said millions of people being left behind in the US desperately need.

"As Sanders continues to win primaries it leaves the Democrats little choice but to include Sanders in the convention, and also to place considerable focus on the issues Sanders voters care about".

Eight "superdelegates" can choose whomever they'd like in Philadelphia, but most have said they'll back Clinton.

The tensions between the two camps were palpable in the course of the debate over delegate qualifications.

If Sanders wins the state's caucus, "It would certainly add to his claim that, 'The views I represent should be listened to, '" Jendrysik said. "I do understand that you are disappointed".

"You never know when the shoe's going to drop on either of them", he said, referring to Hillary and former president Bill Clinton.

Australian court bails student who 'spent bank error millions'
Stapleton questioned whether the cash could be considered a "proceed of crime", saying "it's money we all dream about". Magistrate Lisa Stapleton, granting bail, told the court: 'It's not proceeds of crime.

During his speech to a crowd organizers estimated at 3,500 people, Sanders took shots at a couple of politicians from Kentucky, starting with Governor Matt Bevin.

As the proceedings became increasingly contentious, Lange declared the convention adjourned and fled the stage. "He's raised a lot of money and brought a lot of people into the political process". Then the lights were turned off and the delegates left the premises.

"This campaign is going to need deep resources for the wild ride that likely awaits us", a Clinton staffer wrote.

The Nevada State Democratic Convention on Saturday night devolved into an "unruly and unpredictable" environment following several disputes over rules governing delegates for Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, leading to law enforcement officials being called to keep the peace.

The mainstream media has developed a perception of younger voters who support Bernie Sanders as angry idealistic kids who aren't paying attention to the issues, but the issues are the biggest reason why millennials have supported Sen. They also questioned a credentials committee's disqualification of 58 would-be Sanders delegates. In fact, he has yet to win in a state with a closed primary, like Oregon's.

Ironically, Clinton risks losing the blue-collar voters who made up the base of her supporters in 2008 - the same voters Obama maligned as uneducated rubes who bitterly "cling" to their guns and Bibles.

While taking a hard line against the supporters of her self-identified "democratic socialist" opponent for the nomination, Clinton has adopted a much more welcoming approach to conservative Republicans dissatisfied with the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waves as she arrives to speak at the Union of Carpenters and Millwrights Training Center during a campaign stop in Louisville, Ky., Sunday, May 15, 2016. Clinton's solid proposal on federal regulation holds more precedent (and consistency) than Trump's wavering policy. And even though she isn't in the majority at the convention, Traw says the weekend's overall passion is still exciting.

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    Congressional Republicans grapple with new Trump reality

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